Machined PC plate parts -Snow and hail sensor project
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Machined PC plate parts -Snow and hail sensor project

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*Part name: Machined PC plate parts A & B for Dachwaage project(Snow and hail sensor -control snow and monitor hail on flat roof)

*In 3mm thickness milky white PC plate

*Tolerance standard: DIN ISO 2768-1 fine

Distance between the center of outer circle and each hole are important

On part A samples just as drawing design, one of holes at innermost circle doesn’t sit on this circle with some deviation than other holes, this should be corrected in later production.

*Part B (small): Dia.1000*Dia.803;

4pc as one set to match 1pc A part

features: 10pcs Dia. 6 through hole ;

4pcs Dia.4.5 holes with 90° Dia. 8.4 countersink

*Part A: Size: Dia.798mm;

100pcs Dia.6 through holes ;

4pcs Dia.8 through hole ;

8pcs Dia.6.5 hole with 90° Dia.8.4 countersink for M6 screw;

16pcs Dia.4.5 hole with 90° Dia.8.4 countersink;

2pcs Dia.3.2 thread hole for M4 screw

Sample picture time: 8th Aug. 2018

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