Chun Run Industrial Limited

Chun Run Industrial Limited were registered on July 18, 2012 in Hong Kong, China, as manufacturing supply company, supplying good quality products and services have been maintained since the begining, We know the importance of "in-house" strengths, this has been enhanced without ending, innovative thoughts and technologies are adopted in all-around way to keep up with "pulse beat" of the world.

It's proper to nicely thank everybody who have been helping and growing up together with us, their cooperation experiences and insights in special fields are deeply appreciated at all levels.

We face up to the future, do not dwell on the past, clients' needs are always met with better conveniencre. With unremitting efforts and innovative development philosophy, in all, our vision is to realize quality products through the process of creation, record, display, share, collection of people's ideas.

Our products range:

*Plastic products

1)Plastic injection molding part manufacturing (small to medium size parts)   

***We are now providing plastic parts making services to European, Australian and North American customers, this base is expanding....

2)Plastic blister packing material

*Metal products

1) Toggle clamps

2)Metal hinges for furniture

3)Stamping(punched, pressed) metal parts, CNC Machining parts, forged metal parts

4)Rubber parts

Pls click on the left side menu for checking different items. Prompt reply, good quality at proper costs, short lead-time, so don't miss our service!   Welcome business patronage in the year 2020!

--------------------------------Chinese New Year Warm Greetings------------------

Accompanied with Chinese Mouse New Year steps, wish you have a healthy, happy and prosper year 2020!

Very grateful for businesses in the past with old friends and expect further cooperation with old and new customers in the new year!

                                                                                 CHUN RUN INDUSTRIAL

                                                                                             19th Jan., 2020

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