Battery contacts for watertight wireless sensor (IP65)

Battery contacts for watertight wireless sensor (IP65)

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*Part name: Battery contacts 1/2/3

*In material: Spring steel 65Mn

*Surface plating options: gold or nickel (1µ thickness)

*Application: sensor product, installed into cargo holder in harsh conditions (moisture, virbation and impacts), still end user must be able easily change those 2 AAA batteries. 3 plastic parts: bottom, cover and locking latch. PCB is inside of cover part.

Hand-made parts (rightmost, 8th Aug., 2018) for prototypes, evalutating mechanics and electronics. These went through nickel barrel-plating with other different metal part batch, electric current and time setting were not right.

changed embossed fixing features' design on contact1, hard to achieve original through 'drawing process', and new design should, by expereinced thinking, be more applicable(aspects of fixing strength and endurance to changing battery).

These contacts show only final plating effects(3rd and 4th with gold, others with nickel) - Sept.21st, 2018

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